DAY 1:

Welcome Dinner and orientation in Cajamarca

Welcome Dinner and orientation in Cajamarca

Fly to the city of Cajamarca, Peru.

Connections through Lima are available from many gateway cities.

Please make sure to arrive before the afternoon.

Cajamarca is considered by many Peruvians to be the most beautiful colonial metropolis in northern Peru. Stroll through the central Plaza de Armas and shop in the many specialty shops that surround the plaza to sample the local specialties: colorful fabrics, a variety of local cheeses and chocolates.

Travel a few miles out of town to the Inca Baths; These hot thermal pools have been around since Inca times and are a wonderful place to take a dip and relax before we meet in the afternoon.

Our group will meet for a welcome dinner, presentations, and pre-trip information.

All participants will receive a shared room in a quality hotel in Cajamarca.

Night at Villa la Hacienda San Antonio picturesque Villa.

Celendín plaza transport tour Balsas After a car ride through the highlands of Peru, we descend into the
picturesque Marañón Valley.

During our tour, you will get an idea of the scale of this immense river corridor as it makes its way through the Andes.
Halfway through the tour, we stop for a brief tour of the historic city of Celenín.

Back on the road, we continue to descend through several different areas, from cloudy farmland high up in the mountain, to the dry
forests of the Marañón River.

Once in Balsas we will assemble the boats and begin the trip on the river. Rapids of various classes up to III . Campe in Wease. (B + L +

We will hike and explore the pre-Inca ruin sites of Playa El Cura.

There are ruins of old adobe dwellings, spiritual centers, and a watchtower high on a cliff overlooking the river.

After lunch we will do fun rapids classes III to IV, which will continue in the afternoon until we reach the town of Mendán. Rapids: El Cura
(III), Wall Movement (III), El Choclón (IV), Yangas (III), Hoodos (III) and many unnamed class IIs. Camp in Mendán or La Mushka Beach km
45 or km 53. (B +L+D)

Cultural Enhancement

It is a short walk into town through picturesque fruit and coca plantations, trees laden with oranges, mangoes, bananas, and coconuts, where we will be greeted in town for a visit.

Many participants claim that this is their favorite day of the trip due to interactions with the locals. Guests tell us that they have never had the opportunity to visit the locals in their familiar surroundings

These villagers are truly unique in that they live close to nature in a self-sustaining lifestyle from the fertile land of the Marañón River Valley and fish from the rich waters of the Marañón.

Later we will return to our boats and continue downstream through a class III section to camp on the white sand beach of the Rapido Primero San Lucas. Rapids: Tupen Grande (IV), Chipche (IV) and many unnamed class II and III. Camp at Rapido San Lucas ~ km 62.
(B + L + D)

Site of the Chadin II Dam

Today we have class III-IV rapids; action packed fun until we get to the proposed Chadin II dam site.

The water diminishes at this point and the canyon walls narrow; marvel at the unique beauty of the cliffs that would otherwise be disfigured by the proposed dam.

Think of the fun rapids upriver that would be flooded by the reservoir.

Just before camp you can take a short hike on Magdalena Creek.

camp on a wonderfully scenic beach, just above exciting Magdalena Rapid.

Tonight, participate in a discussion on ways to support Peruvian and international conservation movements to save this fabulous river corridor from the proposed dams. Rapids: San Lucas (IV), Playa El Inca (IV) and many unnamed class III. Camp at Magdalena
Beach ~ km 80. (B + L + D)

The day begins with the white waters of Magdalena with class IV-V rapids, then we run several class III rapids, and mid-morning we arrive at the most challenging rapid of the whole trip, Lin Lin, a long
class V rapid.

We will stop to explore our line and take photos.

Everyone has the option to walk, if they are not comfortable running it. In the afternoon we will arrive at the camp below the Saura Rapid.

Let the sounds of the gentle river lull you to sleep. Rapids: Magdalena (IV-V), Lin Lin (V), Saura (III) and many unnamed IIIs.

Camp in Rapido Saura – km 110. (B + L + D)

Spectacular rocky waterfalls and the Amazon cave Today, we get up early to paddle a few kilometers to the Rock Falls.

We spend the morning walking and exploring this magnificent geological phenomenon where the Aquablanca stream falls from the plateau above, forming a series of waterfalls.

Each waterfall ends in a pool perfect for swimming or relaxing.

Continuing downstream, we will stop and stay at the impressive Amazon Cave; we will take photos, explore its depth, and marvel at another fabulous feature along the Marañón River.

As we continue downstream, the landscape changes, the cacti and dry forests along the Marañón River give way to lush green vegetation.

Witness red sandstone walls, lush trees, and riparian shrubs teeming with birds of all varieties. Rapids: Palaguas (III) and several other class II. Sandstone Cliffs Camp ~ km 125. (B + L + D)

Last Day of Rio transfer and Farewell dinner After paddling about 15 kilometers, we reach Puerto Malleta with our packed lunch.

We begin the cleaning process.

Clients will board the vehicles for the 3-hour drive to Jaén, where a room and a shower await them.

All participants will have a shared room at the hotel in Jaén.

Some of the guides will stay to organize and pack the equipment for transport the next day.

After checking in and relaxing for a few hours, there will be a farewell dinner with the guides and other team members while planning the next stage of your trip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not schedule your departure from the expedition on this date, as we cannot guarantee that we will return to Jaén early enough to establish your connection. Hotel Prim in Jaén. (B + L + D)

Depart from Jaen

Although the expedition officially ended the night before, this is the day to book your departure from Jaén. Remember, we cannot guarantee that you will make your connection if you book a departure on the 8th day.

From Jaén you can take flights to your country or continue to your next destination in Peru.

There is a lot to offer in northern Peru; visit the jungle and pre-Inca ruins, tour Kuélap (the Machu Picchu of the north), or experience the magnificent waterfalls of Yumbilla and Gocta.

Travel south to Cusco / Macchu Pichu and the Sacred Valley; colonial experience in Arequipa; or enjoy the coastal resorts of Peru.

Please let us know if you are interested in any additional tours, as we can make planning the rest of your trip in Peru easy



  • Professional rafting equipment ,Self-evacuating rafts (NRS and Hyside)
  • Several food barrels per raft
  • Camp kitchen complete with tables
  • 1 cargo raft to carry the kitchen and other possible bulky items
  • 2 to 3 additional rafts with up to 5 people and gear, depending on group size
  • 1 cataraft (possibly) depending on the expedition
  • Kayaks available at an additional cost
  • Professional Peruvian Class V guides
  • Peruvian safety kayaker
  • Emphasis on safety and professional river procedures: Peruvian guides have received international training, whitewater rescue and wilderness first aid courses. They will paddle the most difficult rapids or take the oars if a Client gets too tired.
  • Personal river equipment:PFD / life jacket,Helmet
  • 1 110 l NRS Bill’s Dry bag for every 2 guests.
  • Personal camping equipment:1 tent (3/ 4 persons) for every 2 guests
  • 1 sleeping pad, thermarest per guest
  • 1 camping chair per guest
  • 1 night hotel in Cajamarca
  • 1 hotel night in Jaén
  • All meals on the river, plus:Welcome dinner in Cajamarca
  • Farewell dinner in Jaén
  • Ground transportation:
  • Cajamarca to Balsas
  • Port Malleta to Jaén
  • Logistical support in the city and on the river by professional river guides.

Not Included

  • Transportation to Cajamarca to join the expedition
  • Transportation from Jaén to return home or continue exploring Peru
  • Water shoes (bring sturdy river shoes that will protect your feet)
  • Insurance of any kind, including medical evacuation insurance
  • Hotels or meals in cities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Additional tips and services not described in the itinerary


From 2 to 4 Passengers
$ USD 3 390.00

Price per person

From 5 to 9 Passengers
$ USD 2 890.00

Price per person

From 10 to 12 Passengers
$ USD 2 290.00

Price per person

Inquire Now

formulario de reserva

What to Pack

  • Passport, ISIC student ID for students and ID for Peruvians.
  • Personal travel insurance
  • During the tour wear light clothing, but bring a jacket just in case.
  • Special clothes for rainy season.
  • Personal medication if you are taking prescription medication
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.
  • Camera and spare batteries as needed.
  • Extra money in small currency for personal purchases.

Reviews about River Rafting on the Marañon River (9 Days / 8 Nights)

cathy w
cathy w
Exceeded all expectations! We had an incredible family adventure with this white water rafting and zip lining experience in Peru. Our safety was a top priority, and the guide ensured a smooth pick-up from our Airbnb. The 1 hour 45 minute drive to the river lodge was scenic, and the lodge itself nestled in a beautiful setting. The rafting, said to be class 3+, provided an exhilarating experience, and the absence of other tourists made it feel exclusive. The scenery during the ride itself was amazing. We were also provided GoPro photos at the end for an extra charge. It definitely got very cold but there was a sauna at the end which was perfect. We finished up with a delicious lunch featuring quinoa and chicken soup, along with chicken, rice, and sweet potatoes. A memorable and well-rounded adventure that deserves five stars!
Madison P
Madison P
Great experience and value but not a must-do in Cusco Hotel pick up at 8:30am very convenient. 2 hour drive or so to get to lodge, one stop for bathroom/snacks if needed. Equipment provided was weathered and a few tears but adequate. Safety demonstration before hitting river. Water was freezing but stayed warm enough in wetsuit provided, was definitely cold by the end. Anderson was our rafting guide and he was amazing, made the trip fun. Gave us a ton of info about the river, rafting, and other trips he does. Super cool guy. Rapids were about a class 2-3+ on the day we went but they differ depending on time of year/rain. When we got back I warmed up in the sauna then tried to take a shower. No hot water (which I guess isn't in the description but I assumed it would be hot.) Ended up not getting in since I was just in cold water for 2 hours... Had a warm delicious lunch of coffee, soup, and chicken & rice. After was given zipline equipment and a quick basic rundown/safety info. There are only two zips - one across the river and then one back. The ladder to get up to the first one is a little sketchy but not horrible. The posting doesn't specify how many zips are included so suppose it's my fault but I thought there would be more. We were a bit rushed because it looked like it was going to rain. Overall I would recommend if you for sure want to go rafting. But if you have been rafting and/or ziplining before and have a limited amount of time in Cusco, I would say skip it and do something like Rainbow Mountain that you can't see anywhere else.
Exiting tour! We had a really good time, the guides really made an effort to make the whole tour exiting. The lodge were also nice 👍
Awesome Experience! Just completed a hike up Rainbow Mountain with Juan Carlos from Mayuc. He did an outstanding job of keeping a group with varying abilities together and made it a most enjoyable experience for all. He was highly knowledgeable about the history, geology, and culture and was extremely personable. Fantastic experience. Lunch at the nearby Mayuc compound was a great bonus and a treat not to be missed!
George O
George O
Value for money The zip line and the rafting were both enjoyable experiences. They were loads of fun. To top it all, after the rafting experience one can then warm-up in an home-made Sauna!
Great Fun, Brilliant Day Out We had an excellent day with these guys! The rafting was brilliant, friendly staff, good equipment, clear instructions, great setting and scenary, fun zip line, good food, on time... recommended!
Necia S
Necia S
The perfect activity The River was fantastic and our guide made it just an over the top experience! We laughed so much! I highly recommend booking with them!
Jonathan S
Jonathan S
Amazing rafting trip What an incredible experience! I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is considering it. Rafting on the Apurimac River was beautiful and the rapids were exhilarating. Our guides Willy and Gabriel were also absolutely amazing. They were both very experienced and made us feel safe throughout the experience. Plus, they were genuinely friendly and fun to hang out with. They even sent us photos and videos from their GoPro after the trip! Overall, this is a top tier tour company and I feel more than comfortable recommending it to everyone!!
Alex In Wanderland
Alex In Wanderland
Rafting Apurimac with Amazonas Explorers The Apurimac is sporty with incredible scenery. In 3 days, other than camping, I don't think we ever went more than 10 minutes between rapids. Six portages and watching one where the guides sent the rafts down unmanned, a wave caught the 6 man raft and tossed it upside down onto rocks several feet above the river level, glad I wasn't in it. You don't want to do anything stupid here, it's a long way to the hospital. The only other people we saw were 3 gold miners sluicing with 5 gallon buckets, who told us it was a 3 day walk for them to get from the top of the canyon down to the river. At the top of the canyon before driving down to the river my i-phone read 13,400 feet elevation. Our outfitter was Amazonas Explorers, the guides professional and food good. The rafting equipment was top notch with foot pockets, which you need. Amazonas Explorers organized another 14 days of Peruvian sight seeing, from Paracas on the coast, through Cusco and the sacred valley, and on to the Tambopata eco-lodge in the amazon. Everything was on time, all of the employees were extra friendly and the guides spoke excellent english, put us up in excellent hotels, good food, just a first class organization. I asked the different guides how long they've worked there, and almost all of them had been with the company for 10-15 years We sprang for the private guides and transportation, good choice. One other thing, the airport at lake titicaca went down for maintenance at the last minute and after some frantic emails, Amazonas Explorers changed the itenerary. got us different hotels and kept the ball rolling, the only extra cost was for changing Latam tickets. I was impressed they were able to pull that off during high tourist season and didn't soak us for it. Hat tip for that.
Excellent rafting for beginners This activity included river rafting, lunch and ziplining. The river rafting was an incredible experience with class 1-3. This was ideal for our family with teens. The teens had never been rafting before so it was a fun experience for them without much danger. We were followed by a safety raft in case any went overboard. Américo was a great river guide and gave great instructions on what needed to be done. After rafting there were showers and bathrooms available as well as a sauna. We were then treated to a nice lunch followed by ziplining. I had never ziplined across a river so it was a great experience even though the climb up to the first line was not very safe. If you are doing this activity with children I highly recommend skipping the ziplining. Unlike other eating trips we have done there was no one trailing along to take pictures although there was a GoPro mounted on the raft. There was also no one to take pictures during the ziplining.

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