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Mayuc Company acts only as an agent during the time of travel in motor vehicles, airplanes, boats, rafts and/or horses: we assume no liability or expenses incurred in case of injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularities generated from vehicle damage, flight delay, riots, natural phenomena, illness, quarantine, strikes, riots or any other unforeseen event.



  1. For the Inca Trail excursions there are no refunds for any reason (the external entity that gives the permits holds this policy).
  2. For all other excursions that do not include the Inca Trail, jungle tours and/or rafting: cancellation must be requested between 45 and 16 days prior to arrival for a 50% refund; if the cancellation request is made within 15 days or less of the trip, there will be no refund.
  3. Air and train tickets are subject to the refund policies of the providers of such services.
  4. No refunds will be made for unused portions of the tour and/or package.