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Vinicunca: Cusco implements new access route to the mountain

National and foreign tourists are already using a new access route to the Vinicunca mountain, which revalues and preserves an impressive ecosystem, the road is part of the project implemented by the Municipality District of Cusipata, province of Quispicanchi and the Minam+CAF program.

This new route to Vinicunca, which will directly benefit the community of Chillihuani, allows the recovery of a tourist ecosystem, which was co-financed with about 700,000 soles by the Minam+CAF program of the Ministry of Environment, amounting to 45 percent.

The project is called “Recovery of the ecosystem with ecotourism potential and scenic beauty of the ecosystem of the Llaqto sector,” said the mayor of Cusipata, Serapio Llanos Taco, who added that this route will allow a greater influx of tourists to the area for the next two years. “We have to be prepared,” he said.

The municipal authority indicated that last May was the official launch of the route to the mountain Vinicunca by the district of Cusipata (as it shares the attraction with the province of Canchis), and stressed that it is “the second most visited place in Cusco, after Machu Picchu.

Details of the route

During the visit to the site, the Deputy Infrastructure Manager of Cusipata, Miguel Angel Hinojosa, explained that as part of the work has been implemented the road and pedestrian path to the mountain Vinicunca, as well as the construction of a viewpoint and an interpretation center, which will be a space for socio-cultural exchange between the community and visitors in the area.

This new tourist route, which is used to reach the mountain in less time Vinicunca will dynamize, the entire economy of the area. “We are benefiting from tourists. Before there was nothing, now we have things. We can educate our children with the resources we get,” said Walter Choque, economic secretary of the Chillihuani community.

On the way to Vinicunca, tourists can also visit the new handicraft center of Ccori Ttika Pallay, located in Chillihuani, which was developed as part of the Minam+CAF program’s strategy to generate sustainable economic opportunities by making responsible use of the area’s natural resources and biodiversity.

Rosendo Baca Palomino, director of the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur), said that 600 tourists visit the Vinicunca mountain daily along this route.

In this regard, Miguel Angel Hinojosa said that “what is projected is to reach 1,000 tourists per day, and to achieve this will intensify the promotion of this tourist site until before the end of the year.