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Tourist Information About The Archaeological Complex Of Pisaq

This large archaeological complex is located in the district of Pisaq, province of Calca, 33 km. east of the city of Cusco.

Pisaq is formed by a group of enclosures that are possibly houses, aqueducts, roads, bridges, a cemetery, walls and large areas of enormous terraces.

The beauty of its walls, built with large stone blocks polished with extraordinary symmetry and unequaled handling of the stone leave the visitor perplexed.

At first astonishment is inevitable, then a sensation of deep respect for the creators of these centennial buildings, mute witnesses of the greatness of an empire.

“What must be admired more in Pisaq is the fineness of the carving and the perfect union of the stones, which without any mixture are well assembled, that hardly perceive the very fine straight lines, curved or broken, as if to demonstrate the difficulty of the cut and the expertise of the execution. From distance to distance there are doors, streets, stairs, towers, barracks and rooms; suspended at the top of the peaks and where the imagination of the most daring builder would hardly dare today or even conceive a building.

This tour begins with the pick up of the passengers of the hotel, then it is directed this by an asphalted highway, the visit begins with the conduction of an official guide of tourism, crossing the place approximately by two hours, and then it is returned to the city of Cusco.

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