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Nights in Cusco

A hectic and modern nightlife only arrived in Cusco with tourists. For them, towards the middle of the seventies, the first places were opened: the Abraxas and the Hatuchay, both in the Plaza de Armas.

After a short time, the Cusco people themselves, with their imagination enlivened by the stories that ran from mouth to mouth, were encouraged to face the night cold that kept them cloistered in their homes and they discovered that, at night, it is easier for people to get closer to each other, overcoming social, cultural and even idiomatic barriers.

We can affirm then, that, to its many attractions, Cusco has added that of an intense, feverish and cosmopolitan nightlife with an original Andean touch. Enjoying its charms is one more way to get to know the Imperial City and get to know its spirit. The lines that follow are a key to open the doors to this world.

Music and Dance

A good way to start a night in Cusco is to appreciate the unique richness and variety of the folklore of this region, both in their musical expressions and in their dances. The traveler will have to choose between the theaters of some institutions that cultivate folkloric art, and a select number of restaurants that offer this type of shows.

A drink in the Sacred City

Being in Cusco and not enjoying its great urban beauty is a sin. This has been understood by businessmen who, in recent years, have been occupying one by one as much space as lent itself to opening a pub, bar or café in the houses surrounding the Plaza de Armas. Each second-floor window and each balcony has become a viewpoint to that great square that at night, with the Cathedral and the Company illuminated, acquires an even more subjugating charm.

The pubs

The ideal place to intone before continuing the night dancing are the pubs. Generally, they are open until one in the morning and offer happy hour (half price drinks) at times indicated at the entrance or at the bar.


Those who prefer a little more calm may choose to spend a few hours of the night in Tecsecocha, one of the few streets in Cusco that, with its cobbled streets and profusion of balconies on one side, preserves almost intact the harmony of the whole. A place of very different style awaits the visitor in this typical Cusco street: the couch bar Los Perros. Its magnet is its informal atmosphere, with sofas and armchairs arranged here and there where, whoever wishes, can even lie down to read a magazine or a book.

San Blas

Another recommended pascana is San Blas, an Inca neighborhood with a well-deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful in Cusco. If walking its streets at night can be tiring because of its steep streets, it is not a good idea to have a coffee or a drink in the places that are located behind the church. At Green’s, the parishioner will find a very intimate atmosphere thanks to the comfortable armchairs and sofas arranged around coffee tables. The attraction of the Aule, on the other hand, is its more youthful air and especially its attic, with cushions scattered around the floor around a low table, in which there are several books at the disposal of the visitor.

The discotheques

At the stroke of midnight, cafés and pubs are preparing to close their doors. It’s time to head for the disco-bars that, precisely from that time on, enter into an effervescence that can last until dawn.

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