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5 Tips to do White Water Rafting in Peru

Five Tips to do White Water Rafting in Peru

White Water Rafting in Perú is one of the most practiced adventure sports in Peru, as there are many great locations (Like Urubamba River Rafting), full of beautiful landscapes, to do this sport in our territory. But there are some tips you should follow to optimize and avoid discomfort in your experience:

Peru Rafting Trips

1. The Guide is important, always heed his instructions and do not let yourself be blinded by adrenaline, be rational when listening to his recommendations and instructions to ensure your safety. Ask the necessary questions.

2. Check if there are rescue ropes, air pumps, first aid kit, among other items necessary to ensure your safety.

Never take off your helmet, unexpected accidents are more frequent than you think. Also think about the vest.

Urubamba Rafting
Urubamba Rafting

4. It is not recommended for pregnant women or people with heart problems. It is recommended that children under the age of 10 do not attend.

5. Stay stable, as balance will be your perfect ally. You should not leave until you feel that you are “well seated” and stabilized.

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