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City Tour Cusco – Day Tour in Cusco

Cusco City Tour – Full Day

The City Tour Cusco will allow you to know the most impressive archaeological and religious tourist places of the cosmopolitan Cusco.

This tour not to be missed by any visitor is made daily from 13:00 hrs starting with the Cathedral Basilica of  Cusco, one of the most notable colonial monuments of America, Qoricancha or Coricancha known as the temple of the Sun and visit archaeological sites outside the city as Sacsayhuaman a megalithic construction, Qenqo considered as an underground chamber where they performed mummification, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay, important archaeological centers of religious character of the Inca culture.

After a bit of culture at the end of the tour why not enjoy the beautiful city, move a little and enjoy all the bars and clubs that our beautiful city offers.

Visit with Mayuc  the most beautiful and visited archeological Inca sites in Cusco. Book our half day tour Cusco, and visit the most important treasures of the oldest living city in America:

Begin your adventure in the majestic Plaza de Armas of Cusco, where the millennial history of the great Andean culture still survives. Visit the Cathedral Basilica of the Virgin of the Assumption, the main temple of the city of Cusco. Then, descend a narrow street of stones to Qoricancha, the largest Inca temple.

And after having delighted your senses with the most impressive and extraordinary samples of high Inca architecture. Board our tourist bus and head to the surroundings of the cosmopolitan city of Cusco where you will visit 4 imposing tourist sites of the archaeological site of Sacsayhuamán: Sacsayhuamán, Qenqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay.

Highlights of City Tour Cusco

  • The majestic Cathedral of Cusco, symbol of Andean-Christian religious syncretism.
  • The magnificent Inca temple of Qoricancha, also known as the Temple of Santo Domingo.
  • The impressive platforms and temples of the great ceremonial fortress of Sacsayhuaman.
  • The enigmatic rocky promontories and labyrinthine paths of the Qenqo amphitheater.
  • The large terraces, walls and stone staircases of the military fortress of Puca Pucara.
  • And the mysterious platforms and fountains of the temple to the water of Tambomachay.

Itinerary City Tour Cusco

Cusco City Tour, Half Day Tour

This circuit we initiate with the gathering of the tourists of its hotels to visit the following attractive Archaeological and Religious places:

The Cathedral

Colonial religious Monument of extraordinary artistic value, with its fabulous paintings and works “bread of gold”, wood carved and covered with worked silver.

The cathedral is one of the largest repositories of colonial art in Cusco; it houses countless works from the Cusco school, combining 17th century European devotional painting styles with the symbolism of indigenous artists from the Cusco Andes. If you pay attention you will see many unique details; one of the most outstanding representations is that of the Virgin Mary dressed in a mountain skirt, with a river descending around the fold, alluding to the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Temple of Koricancha

“Temple of the Sun” its perfect architecture and the construction of stone reflects the fact that was the most important temple of the Inca empire.

Qorikancha is the strongest example of the fusion of the Inca and Hispanic cultures. At the base of what was once the Temple of the Sun of ancient Peruvians, the church and convent of Santo Domingo were built. The temple is a symbol of Western imposition. A living example of the coexistence of the indigenous past with European architecture.

The temple was built with finely carved stones. Inside, the walls of the various enclosures were covered with gold and silver foil. The large size of the stones of the Inca walls, three of which have more than 30 angles, is striking. It also features a block of 24 angles and 6 sides. The site is dominated by the great Inca tower and one of the ceremonial niches with low relief holes that was related to the winter solstice stands out. Towards the lower part, there are fountains and gardens where the conquered tribes would come to give their offerings.

The worship inside the temple was reserved for the most important personalities of the time and people from all over the Empire came to the place to worship and pay tribute to the gods of the Tahuantinsuyo.


This construction is attributed to the Incas of the last dynasties; it is located to 3 km of Cusco, in the high part. According to the announcers, it was a solar portable altar; this temple was constructed with great limestone stone blocks to protect the city from the attacks of the invaders of the east or Antis. Sacsayhuaman (in quechua) is formed for three great terraces superposed in zigzag form and bordered by enormous rock walls.


Located to 1 kilometer from Sacsayhuaman, it was a ceremonial center since a giant monolith, of an animal is possibly appraised in the central part, that it was the main deity, where offerings were placed. In the inferior part, are other hornacinas and an altar that was used to perhaps embalm bodies or for sacrifices dedicated to their Gods.


Old inn, sentry post throughout the Inca ways. Its construction is of rustic type conformed by side streets, houses, and patios.


It is located to 9 km of the city, known as the baths of the Inca by the form of their water sources, it also could be a temple dedicated to the cult of the water and purification for Inca. It has three platforms where offerings were placed.



The City Tour, in any of the shifts (morning or afternoon)

  • Private transportation
  • Assistance and pick up from your hotel, in the historic center of Cusco.
  • Professional guide in the required language: English or Spanish.
  • First aid kit.
  • *Remember: the City Tour starts in the Cathedral of Cusco and ends in the Plaza Regocijo, half a block from the Plaza de Armas. And with some exceptions, with some nearby hotels, it does not include the return service to your hotel.
  • Entance ticket Catedral and Koricanca

No Included

  • Boleto Turistico for city tour  US$ 22.00      
  • Tourist Ticket Cusco (general or partial).
  • Entrance ticket to the Cathedral of Cusco.
  • Entrance ticket to the Temple of Santo Domingo – Coricancha.
  • Additional expenses due to weather problems.
  • Gratitudes or tips with our team.

We Recommend to bring to the Short Inca Trail

  • Slippers, T shirts, trousers, shorts, poncho (for rainy season)
  • Sun hat, sunscreen, bottled water, and personal medications
  • Extra cash, Digital Camera

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