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Stand Up Paddle is a new modality that consists of standing or kneeling on a large board using a long paddle. This is a versatile sport, and you can surf waves or paddle in calm waters. This new activity gives us the opportunity to enjoy our rivers and lakes of the Peruvian Andes with a new perspective.


We offer different options:
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Program
We meet at 9am in the center of Cusco, the Plaza de Armas, or if there is a large group, you will be picked up from your hotel. We bring you to the lake where we will go Stand Up Paddle boarding, which will be at huypo, piuray or huacarpay depending on the climate.
We will travel for about an hour to arrive depending on traffic in the city.
Once we arrive, everyone will get all the necessary equipment, including a paddleboard (with security strap), life jacket, neoprene full body wetsuit and a paddle.
Once everyone is equipped, the head guide will give all the information that you need, including instructions on how to paddle and stay safe. We will begin to practice balancing, and once the clients can balance well, they will begin to paddle towards the center of the lake. We will be out paddling for about 2 hours depending on the ability of the group.
Once we have paddled back from the center of the lake, we will hang out for a while to enjoy the marvelous view of the Andes. We offer a box lunch that consists of a sandwich (veggies, avocado, ham, cheese, olives, tuna, tomatoes, onion, potatoes and more) and some beers.
Finally, we pack up all the equipment and return to Cusco the same way that we came. We will arrive in Cusco just later than 4pm, as this is an all day activity.



  • Two way transportation
  • New and necessary equipment to SUP, (SUP board with security strap, life jacket, full wetsuit)
  • Box lunch
  • Professional Guide

You should bring:

  • A change of clothes
  • An extra pair of sandals or tennis shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Optional photo service



NOTE: In active tourism and adventure sports exists a natural and inherent risk. The guides account for this with their experience and development. To a large part, you safety depends on following the instructions of the guide during the activity.

  • 1. The activities that we offer are subject to the conditions of the participants, and whatever happens before or during the activity that can affect the activity (weather, abrupt change in conditions, physical problems of the participants, etc.). If this happens, the client has the right to postpone or substitute for a different activity.
  • 2. In order to participate in these activities, the client has the obligation to inform the guide about their physical, sensory or mental disabilities. You also agree to not be under the influence of alcohol drugs or other medications that can influence your ability to react while participating in the activity.
    In order to participate in water related activities, you must know how to swim. If you do not meet this prerequisite, please notify your guide so they can make a professional decision on what you can do.
    In the technical wavier form for each activity, the conditions and minimum age requirement to participate is listed. Persons younger than 14 years will need legal authorization from, or to be accompanied by, whoever is responsible for them. In any case, and especially in advanced level SUP activities, you can do a trial before going and you reserve the right to go, with the authorization of parents up until the age of 18.
  • 3. The SUP agreement begins with the activity contract, and the understanding that the client is responsible to transporting themselves to the site they leave from as well as from the transport to the place where the activity starts. The client is responsible for following the instructions during the activity, although excluded from this are times when clients do things on their own, such as resting, eating, and waiting.
  • 4. The prices include direct services for SUP for the minimum group indicated. Outside contracted services such as transport and accommodation will be in charge of the client to facilitate said services, and on occasions can be managed for SUP.
  • 5. The price includes the necessary material, both individual and collective. Each technical wavier form lists the necessary equipment for each activity and program.
    Levels of difficulty are assessed using two variables, including, physical force necessary to participate and the knowledge of the technical skills.
    Basic (New): This is for everyone above the minimum age. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience of the technique to be able to participate.
    Intermediate: You will need moderate physical force and previous basic technical training.

Advanced: You will need sustained physical force and will need to have a good previous base of the technique.




To confirm your reservation just send us US$ 197.00 per person and your trip application Our accounting department will contact you in less than 24 hours, with your invoice and voucher.


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