Choquequirao trek 4D-3N

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Choquequirao is relatively inaccessible. The southern approach to the site requires a steep descent from almost 3200 meters, near the village of Cachora, down to the Apurimac River at 1200m. This is followed by an even steeper ascent of 1800m up to the ruins. MachuPicchu is situated on the eastern slope of the Cordillera Vilcabamba and Choquequirau on it's opposite western slope at about the same parallel. Both citadels are located half way up steep, densely forested mountain slopes. Today the ruins have been partially cleared by COPESCO, the government body responsible for tourism in Peru. They can be explored easily by those intrepid enough to undertake the difficult trek required getting there.
The beautiful site can even be visited by travelers. It is advised for you to book at an agency in order to be able to visit is as easily as possible. Infrastructure in the area is not adequate for receiving masses of tourists. Individual travel is rather difficult.
The trail goes through an amazing variety of habitats from pastoral valleys full of blossoming fruit trees to glacial mountains . As we hike this fantastic trail, we have some of the most glorious campsites in the Andes.
Choquequirao has been called “Machu Picchu’s sacred sister”, because of the striking similarities of design and ceremonial architecture to its famous counterpart above the Urubamba Gorge. Yet it remains an enigmatic place whose history is a matter of speculation. One theory of its origins holds that it was a royal estate built for the emperor Topa Inca, perhaps in an attempt to rival his father Pachacuti’s spectacular domain at Machu Picchu.

Detailed Itinerary


Early morning departure from Cusco . Our private transportation will take us to the town of Cachora where our mule wanglers , mules and horses are wayting. We hike down into the Apurimac canyon camping at Chiquisca (1800 mts) (L,D).


After a good breakfast we start our strenuous hike up hill for about 5 hours to our lunch spot at Maranpata, and then to Choquequirau, where we camp. Choquequirau ( Golden Cradle ) is considered the Sister city of MachuPicchu, because of several similarities, it hangs 1,500 meters above the Apurimac Canyon , MachuPïcchu hangs above the Urubamba canyon. It is at the same latitude and it is a large citadel with more of 8 hectares , only one third has been uncovered and every day the archeologist find something more. (B,L,D).


At dawn we can see the Sun rise over the ruins and after a good breakfast we will visit the archeological compound and then start our way back down the same way we came in, until we reach our camp at Chiquisca. (B,L,D)


Today we start our trek back to Cachora , where our private transportation will be wayting to take us back to Cusco.(B, L)


  • Private transportation to the head of the trail.
  • Mules for our luggage, plus one or two saddle horses for emergencies.
  • English speaking guide , cook.
  • All the meal while on the trek.
  • Double occupancy tents , dinning tent, latrine tent, and all camping equipment.
  • Transfer form the head of the trail.

Does not Included:

  • Extra Horse if you want to ride, the cost is US $ 15.00 per day.

Since this is considered a strenuous hike , we strongly recommend the use of horses.




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